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[26.DEC.2011] UPDATE

Private servers are illegal in this country
If you cannot connect to, had your items stolen at or are banned from a private server, contact the administrator of your private server. I cannot help you.

[13.APR.2007] UPDATE

I am not psychic
Emails like 'the mod dont work can u help me plz' are useless. If you don't take the effort to write 1-2 additional lines explaining the actual problem you are having, I won't take the effort to write 1-2 pages of possible explanations in order to cover all bases.

Lol I found a bug, I'm trying to upgrade my bow in the cube and it doesn't work. I am trying to use the unique creation recipe, but when I put a rare tier 1 long war bow and two arcane shards into the cube, nothing happens. I am using version XL 2012.
Solution: ??? Solution: Oh, you need two arcane crystals instead of shards.

[30.AUG.2006] UPDATE

From now on, emails asking me how to cheat at Median, feature demands (as opposed to feature requests), questions that are answered in the readme, flame emails and unreadable gibberish will be deleted.