Thanks to aahz for keeping this site up all this time, and to Marco and the other community members for continuing to develop Median XL to this day!

The official Diablo 2 remaster, Diablo 2 Resurrected is coming out tomorrow. Median XL will not work on D2R, neither this version and certainly not the latest community version. Moreover, with the removal of TCP/IP and open and the fact that private servers are a DMCA violation, multiplayer mods are dead for D2R, so most mod authors are unlikely to port their mods to the remaster.

That was the bad news. I may have good news, though...


Many thanks to HugeLaser for hosting this site for many years. And thanks to aahz for hosting it after the shutdown of HugeLaser!

You may find some broken formatting here and there. This site started life as a Geocities site of all things and was rebuilt with 2005 technology.

And people still play the mod! Check out the forum: [EXT]
Try the unofficial Ultimative spinoffs by MarcoNecroX on the forum if you want more content, or the various third party servers.

Hell, the forum is more active than my Skyrim mod pages. Go figure.

[09.JUN.2013] BOO

I peeked my head back into this ancient edifice and discovered something crazy! Median XL still has a far more active community than my Skyrim projects and their goldfish audience.

Thanks to all who enabled Median XL to grow and persist for all these years!

As for what I have been doing in the meantime: you know how people say most uniques in Path of Exile are amazing? Yeah.


A couple of Median XL fans have established a new forum! [EXT]
This forum is not owned or maintained by me. But someone else is paying for it, so show some respect.

Unfortunately most old content (many tens of thousands of threads) posted on my forum is lost forever.


"Additionally, the infrastructure makes it onerous and difficult to run data backups".

They lost the forum. There are no backups. I'll see to it there will be a new forum soon, which is the equivalent of placing a tent on a field of lava rock where your city once was and calling it home.


Ask the Forumer host. It's been down since 3 days with no communication from them. I know submitting a trouble ticket will achieve nothing, so let's just twiddle our thumbs until it comes back up. Keep this in mind when you choose a free forum host.


Diablo III is imbalanced, lacks replay value and feels like a cheap money grab. This might be a very good time to download Median XL again and cleanse the taint from your memories. Welcome back.

And the community you remember still exists! Head on over to the forum for Median XL and the third party spinoffs that are being developed.

[25.FEB.2012] MEDIAN XL 2012 v005 IS RELEASED

A relatively small patch that contains some balance changes, bugfixes and a new druid bow skill to help you across that annoying low level gap until Spore Shot kicked in.


Thanks to the nice people who offered me a Dota2 beta key: Jeemeeh and Abedeus. Honourable mention goes to David V.


It is possible that a bug snuck into the v004 release version that made amazon Fury ineffective. I have no time to verify this claim so I changed its effect from attack speed to enhanced damage as a quick fix. Redownload v004 if you downloaded it before this message.

[03.FEB.2012] MEDIAN XL 2012 v004 IS RELEASED

Carebear Stare
The previous 2012 releases were aimed at veteran Median XL players, leading to many complaints from normal humans about the increased difficulty. This patch reduces the difficulty to the usual level and nerfs several annoying or overpowered monsters.

Join the Wild Hunt
The amazon has received a major overhaul. Spear based huntress builds now have access to Fury to enhance their abilities, bloodwitches gain increased survivability and a large number of bonuses for staying low on health.

Not even Median XL is flawless, but it just got a little closer to perfection.

In case you were wondering, v003 was not publicly released.

>>> MEDIAN XL 2012 v005 - LIST OF CHANGES [EXT.]